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Bossman’s Trash Hauling is owned by Marc Haiungs, a 31 year Kern County Resident and 29 year veteran of law enforcement. After retiring in 2016 as a Sheriff’s Sergeant, Marc started Bossman’s Trash Hauling. Bossman’s Trash Hauling is licensed by the City of Bakersfield. We carry a $1,000,000 general liability insurance policy and carry worker’s compensation insurance.


Why rent a truck, take a day off of work, risk flat tires to your truck, get dirty and sweat loading your junk and trash, and drive 35 minutes one way to the dump, wait in line, and have to smell all the nasty smells at the dump. One call/text and Bossman’s Trash Hauling will make your junk and trash disappear with no effort on your part. With no contact estimates and payments, we can do everything while you’re at work or relaxing in your PJs inside the comfort of your house. 

Bossman’s Trash Hauling is licensed by the City of Bakersfield (the county doesn’t require licensing). Bossman’s Trash Hauling carries a $1 million general liability insurance policy. Bossman’s Trash Hauling is an incorporated business and carries workers compensation insurance for peace of mind services when we’re working at your home or business (don’t risk hiring an unlicensed guy with a truck who isn’t licensed and insured. If they get hurt on your property, you’re home owners insurance can be held responsible). 

Bossman’s Trash Hauling is owned by Marc Haiungs, a 29 year veteran of law enforcement, who retired in 2016 as a sheriffs sergeant.  Marc has spend his whole life serving others, so transitioning into junk and trash hauling was a natural choice. Marc brought his high level of ethics and integrity with him and has built his company on that premise. 

Bossman’s Trash Hauling doesn’t just haul off the pile of junk and trash from your side yard. They will then sweep up the area and leave it looking better that how they found it. 

Bossman’s Trash Hauling is fast and efficient. With 2 or more workers showing up to remove your junk and/or trash, we are able to get your property cleared out quickly. 

Bossman’s Trash Hauling gives free, no obligation quotes 7 days a week and usually do the haul off the same day or within a day or two after your estimate. 

Bossman’s Trash Hauling offers several payment methods: Cash, ApplePay, Venmo, CashApp, GooglePay, Zelle, or major credit cards. 

Bossman’s Trash Hauling offers discounts to first responders, teachers, active military, veterans, and senior citizens. 

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Bossman’s Trash Hauling was voted the best trash haulers in Kern County twice in 2020! With over 385 positive reviews and recommendations you know we're a name you can trust!

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